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Thursday, July 29, 2010


        Protect your valuable laptop against theft using this miniature
alarm generator. Fixed inside the laptop case, it will sound a
loud alarm when someone tries to take the laptop.
This highly sensitive circuit uses a homemade tilt switch to
activate the alarm through tilting of the laptop case.
      The circuit uses readily available components and can be
assembled on a small piece of Vero board or a general-
purpose PCB. It is powered by a 12V miniature battery used
in remote control devices.

The components require to prepare this .
  • tilt swtich
  • Diode
  • piezzo buzzer
  • ON -OFF switch
  • Battery
  • IC's IC TL071
  • ICCD 4538 
  • Resistor & capacitor
  • Transistor.
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