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Sunday, July 4, 2010

Seminar cum Paper Presentation On 'Bioinformatics'


Rapid advances in bio-informatics enables to screen life-threating disease before it develops symptoms. This will help to illuminate expensive and time-consuming ordeals like biopsies and sigmoidoscopies. Bio-informatics is application of biology, computer science, electronics, IT, mathematical and statistical tools in domain of life sciences.


1] Electronics and computational technology are used to diagnose disease and deliver drug inside human body.
2] Human gene study unlocked secrets for 23 chromosomes to realize new drugs to treat diseases.
3] Electronics is helping by way of gene chips and biochips based on electron charge shown by cells of human body.
4] Gene and bio-chips are similar in structure to electronic ICs except these are const-ituted of biological in gradients.
5] Engineers and Doctors are taking advantages of similarities between bio-gene chips and electronic circuits to evolve new techniques.
6] These chips are presently being tested at laboratory stage and soon will move out into doctor’s kit.


Days aren’t far off when humans will become immortal since they will become free from any disease and deformity. Also they will incorporate that they lack and altered accordingly. It is not a fiction, this is a future but sometimes future is stranger than fiction. Human body is a wonderful machine. Over the years study of biology has moved on from being [in vivo] i.e within an organisms to [in vitro] i.e. outside an organisms and now to [in silio] i.e. using electronics and computers for biological research. Convergence of biology, computational science, electronics and mathematics into bio-informatics enable it to take rapid strides such as mapping of human genome. In the near future, patients will go to a doctor’s clinic with lab-on-a-chip devices. The device will inform doctor in time if the patient’s ailments will respond to a drug based on his deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA]. This chip will also confirm the patient’s identity, diagnose disease and even establish paternity. Now day’s new silicon chips have been invented with tiny wells with drug compounds. These drug compounds can be released in the human body in a controlled manner via the preprogrammed microchip


DNA, which is the genetic material of living organisms is a large helical held together by weak bonds between base pairs of nucleotides. DNA variations could help in a new way to diagnose and treat diseases and disorders. Gene is a fundamental unit of heredity. Human genome consists of 30,000 genes containing 3 billion base pairs. Molecular biology, algorithms and computing helped in sequencing larger proportions of genomic of several species i.e. determination of order of nucleotides in a DNA or RNA and also the order of amino acids in a protein. The product of combination of molecular biology, algorithms, sequencing analysis and the applications of biology, computer sciences, electronics leads to rise of BIOINFORMATICS. Determination of genome organization and gene regulation will promote the understanding of how humans develop from a single cell to adults and why this process goes awry and the changes take place as people age goes on. Specific genetic sequence that is responsible for a particular diseases its associated proteins & proteins function. The human gene project has unlock the DNA codes for 23 human chromosomes this will lead to the development of potential genetic markers for realization of new drugs to treat diseases.


Life engg. Have been able to control bio-molecules using RF energy & nano crystal antenna these can be remotely controlled the behavior of DNA which are the basic building blocks of humans & other forms of life RF magnetic field was inductively coupled to a one nanometer long nano crystal antenna link covalently to a DNA molecule .The inductively coupling i.e. the transfer of energy to the nano crystal energy, increases the local temp. Of bound DNA allowing to the change of state to take place while leaving molecules surrounding the DNA relatively unaffected .The dissolved molecules dissipated the heat is less than 50pico Secs. Thus the RF signal generated outside the body can control changes in the DNA .The signal used in the experiment was 1GHz.


DNA is similar in every cell of the body, but depending on the specific cell of the body. Electrical and dielectric properties of cells can be correlated to the physiological cell parameter. DNA has two sequence of letters wrapped around each other in the form of the double helix. One is the complement of each other. Genomic
Information is revalorizing life sciences.


Bio-informatics has enlightened the hopes in the eyes people suffering from life threatening diseases. With the help of this humans will live much longer.

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